Third-Party Tracking Made Easy

Integrate third-party impression, click and engagement trackers right within the Campaign Manager. We've also got Moat, DoubleVerify and IAS viewability tracking covered. There's no need to append or input in DFP, allowing real-time updates and tighter alignment between ad servers. 

Seamless Ad Serving Integration

Adventive integrates seamlessly with all major first and third party ad platforms. Adventive’s tag generator allows you to export the right third-party tag format every time, ensuring ads are distributed with the appropriate tag settings.

Additional Features

Responsive Delivery

Build truly customized experiences for mobile, tablet and desktop devices and serve them up with a single ad tag. Set custom breakpoints and, as with all ads built with Adventive, update creative in real time – without re-trafficking.

Live Updates

Edit any element of a campaign or creative in real time with just a few clicks. It's easy to update, preview, and schedule changes without the wait.

Automated Optimization

Adventive's optimization algorithms allow you to determine which offers, creatives and messages engage audiences by optimizing creative groups according to predefined criteria. No coding or setup required. Select from A/B and multivariate, click-optimized or engagement-optimized algorithms and Adventive automatically deliver the best performance ad.

Live Updates

Need to make an update to a live ad or swap out creative? Edit creatives in real time with just a few clicks. With Adventive, you can make edits to LIVE ads without having to re-upload or re-traffic.